Best Debate Topics To Prepare For Any Competition!

Do you need debate topics for your students in middle and high school? You’ve arrived at the right spot. It can be difficult to come up with a topic that is both current and interesting to discuss. When choosing a topic, you must consider a variety of factors, including whether you will be able to speak about it for an extended period, how enthusiastic you are about it, how simple it will be to study, what your English teacher will think of it, and much more.

So, how do you choose a good debate topic? A good one is easy to describe and comprehend, but nuanced enough to elicit a lengthy and engaging debate. This article will provide you with a list of some of the best, most recent, and most persuasive debate topics available.


This article includes debate examples and questions in the following categories:


  1. Education-Related Subjects
  2. Topics for Political Debate
  3. Debatable Social Issues
  4. Debate Topics on Environmental Issues 
  5. Debate Topics on Technology Issues


You’ll also learn how to choose a debated subject, write a debate speech, how debates work, and how to improve your technique.


Why Choosing A Good Debate Topic Is Crucial?


Students should select debatable topics responsibly because good topics are a requirement for insightful and substantive debates. Choose controversial subjects, whether you are engaging in a high school class discussion or a college or club discussion. There are several such subjects, and science also indicates that there are many responses to a single phenomenon.


If students only have a short amount of time to prepare, they can choose topics that are common to them and are neither too challenging nor too simple for their intellectual level. While looking for middle school debate subjects, one should avoid topics such as patriotism’s effect on foreign affairs or censorship’s justification. For middle school students, political issues can be too difficult. Mandatory school uniforms or fast food at the school cafeteria are better debate questions for these students.


Finally, when selecting subjects, think about how enthusiastic you are about them. More passionate and unforgettable discussions will result from interesting subjects. When the subjects are interesting enough, students forget about their shyness or fear of public speaking and participate impromptu. When making your decision, keep in mind that those topics are especially appealing to teenagers.


Our experts compiled a list of relevant controversial questions to make subject selection easier. They are divided into multiple categories, allowing you to choose the topics that best fit your needs. However, before diving into our list of debate topics, learn how to conduct yourself during a debate and defeat your opponents.


The Basic Skills You Should Follow




The way you express your ideas is referred to as style. This is the most fundamental aspect of the debate to learn. Content and strategy are useless unless you deliver your message with confidence and conviction.




It’s critical to speak at a speed that’s quick enough to sound intelligent and give you enough time to say what you’re thinking, but slow enough to be heard.




It’s your varied tone that makes you sound interesting. It’s tedious to listen to one sound for the duration of a presentation.




Although it is often important to speak clearly, it is not necessary to yell in any argument, regardless of context. There’s no need to talk louder than the level at which everybody in the room can hear you comfortably. Debates are not won by shouting. Speaking too softly is a bad idea so no one will be able to hear you.




Debating is all about being able to express complicated topics succinctly and clearly. The main reason people start to sound hazy is that they lose their “stream of consciousness” that keeps them going. It’s also crucial to keep things simple. Long words can make you sound smart, but they can also make you sound stupid.


Maintain a proper stance


When voicing your feelings, use your hands and movements. Keep in mind that confident speakers have good posture and natural movement.


Speak plainly and loudly


The student’s well-presented argumentation shows that they were well-prepared for the debate. Keep your speech formal by avoiding colloquial phrases.


Keep your gaze fixed on you


Don’t stare at your instructor or off into the distance all of the time. Maintain eye contact with your enemies instead. Debates are, after all, just discussions. This sign is also a sign of trust that students use during the discussion.


Stay cool


And if you’ve missed anything, don’t be concerned. Start over by restating your key point.


Keep your focus on your concept


Every conversation begins with an argument or a dominant concept. Concentrate on your point; don’t get distracted by suggestions that cause you or your opponents to lose track of the case.


Top Debate Subjects


As previously mentioned, now is the time to investigate some of the best debate topics for any universal level.


Education-Related Subjects


  1. A college diploma is required to obtain a good job.
  2. Is it true that student loans are exploitative?
  3. All students should be required to purchase a laptop computer.
  4. Students are harmed by boarding schools.
  5. In colleges, cell phones should be prohibited.


Topics for Political Debate



  1. Gun ownership should be available to all.
  2. Both prisons should be owned and operated by the government.
  3. The United Kingdom should exit the European Union.
  4. Churches should be required to pay taxes.
  5. Communism is a bad political philosophy.


Debatable Social Issues


  1. All women should have access to abortion.
  2. Barbie serves as an excellent role model for young girls.
  3. The act of burning the flag should be prohibited.
  4. Is there ever a time when censorship is justified?
  5. On the internet, censorship is often necessary.


Debate Topics on the Environment


  1. Humans and animals should share the same rights.
  2. Climate change is the most dangerous humanity has ever faced.
  3. Carbon pollution and other harmful environmental factors should be charged by businesses.
  4. Automobiles that run on electricity are impractical.
  5. All can eat only vegetables.


Debate Topics in Technology 


  1. All vehicles should be hybrid.
  2. Is it possible that robots can improve or degrade our quality of life?
  3. Artificial intelligence is potentially lethal.
  4. Is social media helping or hindering communication?
  5. Has social media made people’s social lives better or worse?


Final Thoughts


That’s what there is to it! Any of the best debate topics to satisfy all of your speech-writing needs. It as well as be some useful debating knowledge and advice. I hope you’ve found something on this list that interests you. Best of luck with your debate!

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