Writing A Research Paper Outline: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Writing A Research Paper Outline

A research paper must represent your stance on the subject and reassure readers of its credibility and facts. Any research paper outline consists of step-by-step plan that helps writing your research paper in a structured way.


Creating a research paper outline is a bit complex yet normal part of the life of students. Every student has to put in great amount time in order to write a well-structured and detailed research paper outline.


You may have to write a few drafts steps before progressing to an outline. It will help bring together a full-proof outline which will get you good marks.


Things To Consider While Writing A Research Paper Outline


Research Paper Topic – Your research paper is nothing without a topic, choosing a topic for your paper can take some time.


Going with something that is relevant to your interest of area or any niche in which your comfortable with.


But make sure that the topic must be provoking meaning it should get the interest of reader and have enough information to support your paper.


As selecting a theme for your research paper outline is concerned, you’ll need to put some effort.


Argument: Take your time to find out what kind of argument you would like to support after selecting a topic.


Your reason behind backing the argument must be very clear on why you chose this argument out of others and does it matter to reader. And try figuring out what purpose does your argument possess?


Will it initiate a substantive debate that could create any change in the world? How can I draw on this claim for a research paper?


You are almost able to build a useful framework for an excellent research paper outline as soon as you have answers to these issues.


Know Your Audience – Well, for the most time it’s only the professor who reads your research paper you’ve written but does that mean you will write just for the professor.


No, you also have to consider the readers. Think whether or how your claim be accepted by the professor and readers, or will it form a counter-argument?


You must also understand what language will be best suitable for your paper and how comfortable can you be while explaining the paper in that language, will the use of satire/jargon be acceptable, or it’s better of you stick with normal tone?


Your research paper outline overall style and tone depending on the audience it is targeted.


Research – Without proper and detailed analysis, there is no research paper.


To gather convincing evidence that will back your claim, you need to investigate a lot of resources.


Second, you can list out few general information related to your topic and then dig deep in the details to validate the information.


Be very mindful with your research learn what counter-arguments can you research have and is it factual or just a false claim.


With this process you can be a master on the topic and get a clear picture of any pitfalls of your paper.


References for Research Paper – References are important when it’s about showing accountability of your claims and the research paper you have written. .


It will help if you select them primarily according to the significance and relevance of your thesis argument.


How to Write Research Paper Outline?


An outline is the very foundation of your research paper outline, having written an outline does great help when you’ll begin writing the paper why because you will have a pre described structure on what you have to write first, second, and next.


The outline is comprised of three core segments that is Introduction, main body, and conclusion. The more comprehensive your paper’s outline is the better your paper will be.


The following is a basic structure of how an outline looks:




A significant part of each scholarly work is the introduction. It’s an important point which will decide whether or not a reader will continue reading your paper. 


The introduction, but without giving away too much, should be intriguing, entertaining, and insightful.An outstanding presentation is made up of three key points:


Hook – A hook can vary from one to three sentences long, depending on your research paper’s total volume. This is the section that convinces readers to read the article.


A hook has to be creative and provoking – you need to make your readers get engage into your research paper outline.


Your Audience – You had to identify the audience for yourself in your pre-writing activities; you need to identify which type of audience would be more interested in reading your paper.


If you are aware of what’s your audience is, you’ll be able to get more readers, compared to those who are not yet cleared of who they want to target.


This creates a massive advantage to those with a target audience.


Statement – This is where you state the purpose of your paper. It must reflect of what you are going to talk about in the paper and why does it matter. In a nutshell the statement must be clear and concise.


Main Body


The body is the primary part of the outline of the research paper outline you are writing. It has no cap on length since it is the paper’s most extensive and main section.


The number of paragraphs for this part depends on the total volume of the research paper outline requested: the more reasons you need to justify, the greater the body there should be.


All the proof that you discovered during the study should go here. You state each principle and have sufficient evidence.


Do not say anything that you don’t have a way to prove! Any argument you make has to be backed up with facts. Following the appropriate paper format, do not forget about relevant references and proper citations.


You should list counter-arguments to your thoughts and explain why they are not correct. Opposing facts demonstrate your profound knowledge of the subject and that you have completed a detailed analysis.


This will show your devotion to the demanding duties and build a reasonably impressive academic reputation. Without being too dull in the process, make sure to describe everything clearly.




For readers to absorb the central concept and retain it for a long time, the research paper outline  final section must summarize the claims.


To make the whole paper sink into the readers’ mind, the conclusion should not be long but should include all the critical sections.


Summary – You state your strongest points again in this short segment.


There is no need to provide either of them with an in-depth description of your ideas or evidence. Nonetheless, the claims you used in the research paper outline will have to be given a general outline.


Call To Action – This is the very end of your research paper outline, and it’s meant to provoke your readers.


It would help if you chose what your final message to readers should be, whether it is a call to a conversation or an intervention.




Note that the research paper’s main aim is to demonstrate your ability to work on your own and show the depth of your expertise on different topics. Creating a good outline is key to further writing your research paper.


Make sure you take notes while studying, not be afraid to ask for assistance and read additional resources.

How To Create a Perfect Essay Outline

Perfect Essay Outline

Writing an essay outline may not be the most straightforward task, especially for an academic presentation.


It takes time and great effort.


An essay outline is a process of creating a structure of how you will write your essay format to cover all the necessary information.


But is it essential to write an outline before you write the essay? Well, yes, writing an outline can help you with great times.


That’s because it makes your essay format look more structured and explains all points much more clearly.


It’s a fact that the students who include an outline in their essay format are more likely to score A+ than those who do not.


If you are interested in knowing how to write an essay outline, this guide will help you write one.


Here’s what you’ll get from this guide.


  • Understand what is an outline
  • How to write an outline
  • Benefits of writing an outline.

Let’s begin.


Writing an essay outline.


The most common and useful outline consists of three main sections, which are.

  1. Introduction
  2. Main body (Paragraphs)
  3. Conclusion

We will learn about each of these sections in detail one by one.




Here you’ll refer to the subject of your essay and its thesis.

As you probably are aware, essays can’t survive without a thesis.

In this way, a thesis explanation in your outline will help you uphold it in each passage of your essay format.


Main Body


There will be a base of at least three paragraphs in your essay’s body, so try to remember every one for the outline. That’s the minimum your essay format must contain.

For each section, record a point sentence with a contention identifying with your thesis and notice all the help: information, realities, models, and other proof you’ll use to demonstrate the theme sentence of this passage.




The conclusion is where you have to summarise your essay most efficiently without leaving any point.

The summary generally explains the main objective of your thesis/essay.

In any essay format the conclusion is considered as the backbone of the essay.


Benefits of writing an essay outline


It will assist you with getting sorted out contemplations: when you research the information for your essay, you get vast loads of difficult recall data.

You’ll comprehend the data stream and will have the option to structurize it likewise.

It will help you not to miss any point while at the same time composing your essay format since you’ll have a prepared composition of your paper.

An outline will assist you with composing scholarly works better and quicker.

It can’t damage to figure out how to compose an outline for an essay on your own, correct?




That’s how you can write an essay outline and get the score you deserve.

Writing down an outline can bring significant changes irrespective of what your essay format.

The above guide explains the process of writing an essay outline step by step

How to write an excellent essay with essay outline, grammar checker and other tools!

excellent essay with essay outline

Essay writing is a skill that keeps on getting better with every effort one puts in it. However, apart from just the writing skills, there is one more thing that makes your essay looks professional and academically brilliant- with how you format it. The essay format is fundamental in any writing field, whether one is a student or writes professionally. How one structure, their essays makes the difference. 


There is a standard essay format that is followed universally. Unless otherwise specified, the student must follow this format: 


1: The page margins are 1 inch on each side. 


2: Specific line spacings are provided to the students. (single-spaced, double spaced.)


3: Page headers should always be included in essays. Whether the header content would be on the left or right side, gets provided by the course leader. 


4: There are specific fonts required, but the major ones that are universally used are Times New Roman or Arial, with the font size being 12 mostly. 


The easiest way to structure an essay is to divide it into multiple parts: the abstract, introduction, research methodologies, and conclusion. The abstract includes fundamental research in a gist. The reader gets to know the study’s general topic, how many subjects took part in it, what methodologies were used, and if the result supports the argument. 


The introduction consists of all the critical arguments and research from credible sources to support the student’s topic. Here, brief information about the subject is given and why one chose to work on the said topic. 


If the essay requires, then the research methodology part includes all the other supporting arguments and literature reviews from reliable sources. It helps make your writing more credible. 


Some important tips are given below to understand how one can write better essays. 


1: Understand the topic- Usually, while writing essays, topics are given. But if you have the opportunity to pick a topic for yourself- choose something that you have a keen interest in. 


 Do as much reading as you can on the given topic to understand what it talks about and the arguments you can form from the content you have read. 


2: Brainstorm- It is also called the pre-writing part where one jots down the essential points that crossed their minds. While writing a formal essay, they can refer to the vital ideas and references to support their topic more without getting side-tracked by other things. 


3: Writing without editing- While having a grammatically right and eloquent sounding essay is something that everyone wants, it is essential to know that no first draft is ever going to sound brilliant. The most important part is to write and let all the thoughts out, and once that is done- sit down to edit!


4: Don’t keep things for the next day- Essay writing can be stressful if one isn’t prepared correctly. It becomes crucial for the student not to procrastinate to not end up in the vicious cycle of rushing through the essays. 


Writing is always fun when the outline and format are prepared already! 


We often believed that if we use content from someone else’s journal and paraphrase it, it will pass easily through the plagiarism checker tool. However, taking someone else’s content without providing the well-deserved credits to the author- is considered cheating. Many institutes have strict laws made for this. The papers get cancelled, and the students get expulsed for this behaviour. The degrees of strictness vary. 


Not just students, but also the people who write professionally, are on the higher risk of losing more than only the grades if they plagiarise. Their entire career, the reputation, is harmed.


Although, grammar checker works the best when one wants to know their grammatical errors. When it comes to writing professionally, overlooking grammatical errors is something that one can’t do. The entire essay can go from looking professional to amateur just because of the grammar alone. There are multiple tools out there that make our working life a little easier; the user should also note that unethically using these tools can cause more harm than required. For example, using paraphrasing tool to make someone else’s work pass as yours, is an unethical example of using the paraphrasing tool. 


1: Plagiarism checker works by identifying the similar texts available on the web and compares them to the file or text submitted. 


2: It then shows the similar texts found in one’s work that are available elsewhere on the web too. 


3: Plagiarism checker analyses works of other authors to verify the content that is submitted and checks how much of the work is taken from others. It then generates a report to show if the work has been appropriately cited or not, and how much of the work is produced by one’s idea. 


4: Grammar checker is a program that checks all the grammatical errors in the text or file that is submitted. It works by highlighting the text that has a grammatical error in it. It also provides with suggestions of the words and punctuation marks that one can use instead. 


5: When there is a time limit, and one does not have the chance of going over their reports to check errors, grammar checker comes handy and makes it convenient for the user to find out all the mistakes in a short amount of time. 


Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker, do they work?

Both these tools are used to enhance the quality of the work that one is submitting. With plagiarism checker, one can easily find out the content that is not appropriately cited or is stolen from other authors. Grammar checker, on the other hand, finds out all the grammatical errors present in a report. 


It is essential to use both these tools as they are easy to use and understand- making it convenient for the user to find out their mistakes in a short time. With the time constraints on academic writers or students, it becomes hard to keep track of all the errors in a document. 


Every student faces the crisis of submitting a plagiarism-free essay or assignment. How can one take content from the internet to support their arguments without it coming under the plagiarism check?


Here, the paraphrase tool comes in to help! One might wonder what a paraphrase tool is and how it functions. Here’s how it works!


A paraphrase tool helps the students to save time by paraphrasing the entire sentences. That way, the student won’t have to spend time finding synonyms before running it through a plagiarism checker tool—the paraphrase tool functions in an easy-to-understand manner. The contents copied are pasted in a box, and after waiting for a few minutes, the paraphrased sentence will show up. That makes it easier for the student to not stress over deadlines and also, they’re able to get rid of any plagiarism effortlessly. 


No person in this world hasn’t faced difficulties while submitting essays or articles. It isn’t easy to find similar words; in other cases, the words don’t flow as effortlessly as possible. All of these blocks become a reason to stress when the deadline approaches. Frequently, people get stuck in their paper’s initial parts as they don’t understand how to start it. In such cases, the paraphrase tool works incredibly to give you a little push to begin your writing process. Sometimes we know what to write, but to present it eloquently is a task that not everyone can complete. 


For example, if one already has a bit of a text that they want to rewrite; paraphrase tool helps find the appropriate synonyms and rewrite the text better. It also allows one to make a good impression in the professional or academic line of work, or even if they want to create content for their blogs or websites, paraphrase tool works as a gift!


Helps in saving time and effort


Paraphrasing tool is similar to a thesaurus- but better. Sometimes it is hard to find new ways to say the identical thing every day, especially if it is a professional or academic setting. People often struggle with brainstorming better ways to put their words out for others to read elegantly. The paraphrase tool here comes to help, as it efficiently paraphrases the content and replaces repeated words with their appropriate synonyms. It takes ages to look up synonyms whereas paraphrase tool gets the job done in just a few seconds. It helps you to use the saved time efficiently. 


Free and easy to use


Paraphrase tools that are available online are free to use and are easy to understand. One has to copy the text from elsewhere and paste in the box given. In a matter of a few seconds, the new text becomes available for the student to use. 


How to use citations?


There are multiple ways to cite a paper, and different universities require different formats. MLA, or Modern Language Association Citing is used in literature, psychology, sociology as well as linguistics. MLA citing is considered to be the easiest formats out of the rest. Bibliography in this format is the easiest as well. However, every student has struggled with this format before, no matter how bright they have been.


A general format guide of MLA has been given below:


1: The paper should be typed, not hand written.


2: Title page is not required in MLA unless it’s specifically asked for.


3: Arial and Times New Roman are the acceptable formats. The text should be double spaced.


4: The font size should be 12.


5: Margins should only be of 1 inch on all sides, and only one space should be left after using any punctuation marks unless it is specified in other way.


6: The header must have the number of all pages on the upper right-hand side, unless told otherwise.


7: The header on the upper right hand should include your last name with a space and page number in the end.


8: Use italics to show titles of longer sources, or if one needs to specify or put emphasis on a certain statement.


9: Title of the page should be in the centre.


10: If there are footnotes or endnotes, they should be included in a separate page. This section can remain unformatted and titled as “Notes”.


What is a research paper outline?


It is easier to write a research paper when one has all the important components listed down. Research paper outline is nothing but simply a way to organise your thoughts and work into a simple format, so that the research paper can be easy to work with. It is convenient to stay focused while expanding the points with a research paper outline. Students usually face a lot of stress while writing papers, but once a general outline of how the paper will flow is made, it gets easier for the students to stay focused and stress free.


Research paper outline is a plan for the upcoming research. It includes the following parts:


1: Title


2: Topic/Statement


3: Important points that support your thesis/statement/topic


4: Supporting researches for all the points.


5: Conclusion


Most of the important components of a research paper always get included in the research paper outline, which makes it easier for the student to stay focused on the task, and it is easier to move forward into the paper with this method. Each point is then explained thoroughly and all the supporting researches are included in the hypothesis, which makes the paper more reliable and academically brilliant.


How to write a research paper.


Research paper writing becomes easier with an outline, here we are going to explain citation with MLA citation format.


The research paper outline consists of the following sections:


1: Abstract


2: Introduction


3: Body


  1. Literature review
  2. Research Methods
  3. Analysis
  4. Results
  5. Perspective


4: Conclusion


5: Bibliography


An abstract is a brief summary of the paper. It shows the basic information about the topic, the research done, the methods used. It gives the reader an insight about the topic, the subjects, methodology used, in the briefest way ever. The summary is not more than 150-200 words.


The introduction part is the most important section of the paper as it gives the reader an idea about what the research is about. It makes the reader curious about the content. Here, the students explain some major points, general information related to the thesis. The introduction can range anywhere from 600-900 words but not limited to. The aim of the research comes in the introduction.


The body of the essay comprises of multiple headings and subheadings, explaining the entire process of the research as thoroughly as it can. Here, all the researches are listed to support your hypothesis and make the research paper more credible.


In this section of the paper, it is to be made sure that review of literature is included so that the reader knows where you got your supporting argument from.


Analysis, or data analysis is a section where your results and other variables are presented. Present your results in a precise manner and let your audience know if the results bring a change in your topic or support the hypothesis that you suggested. Make sure that in this section one also notes down the setbacks they had to face during the research work.


The end part of the paper is the conclusion where the student lets the reader know about the whole work at a glance. The conclusion talks about the result that was found and the insights that the results give. Here, the thesis statement is mentioned again. Sometimes a conclusion can also be a means to a whole new research!


Example of Template of MLA Citing


While making a research paper outline, it is always the best to outline it already in the format it is required. The name of the student, professor, course, and date are noted on the first page. The header should have your last name and number in the upper right corner. Italics are used when highlighting important points of the thesis, or writing a heading/subheading.


To have a good research paper, especially when one is doing MLA citing, it is necessary that the references are formatted in the required citation type. MLA format does not require a title page, only include it if the professor specifically asks for it.


Last but not the least, it is very important for the student to go through the guidelines a few times before submitting the paper. Re-checking and editing are very important parts of the paper as grammatical errors or formatting errors can make or break your paper. Therefore, always ensure to go through the paper a few more times before submitting.

List of Argumentative Topics for debates or discussions (1000 words)

Argumentative Topics

Argumentative topics are trendy in group discussions. Whether one is in a job interview or just a part of a group discussion in a class, argumentative topics break the ice sometimes, or sometimes they make people aware of each other’s thought processes. Most of the topics come from studying, such as English, History, and Political Science. These topics get assigned in the group for the moderator to see how well one can support their points of reasoning. 


Here is a list of argumentative topics that are very commonly assigned. 



Family is a topic that encompasses multiple controversial sub-topics. It could range from arguments such as “should we follow the traditions” or “should LGBTQ+ people be allowed to adopt children”. Such topics that have ethics and morals attached to them are controversial. It makes people see what the other person has to say in support or against the situation. 


Since times are now changing, and people are becoming more liberal and open-minded in their thoughts and actions and ways of living, there is still a significant population that still lives and follows the conservative practices. This leads to conflict among masses as their ways of living differ from each other- frequently ending with one party endangering the other party. 


Some of the argumentative topics related to family are:


1: Should parents of the same gender, or the LGBTQ+ community be allowed to adopt children?


2: Should a parent physically discipline their child?


3: Is a single-parent house more toxic for a child’s growth?


4: Should Child Services be allowed to take the child away from their parents if they fear the child’s safety?


5: Do same-sex couples make better or worse parents?


6: Should families have a television in the house or not?


7: Should parents monitor their child’s activities?


8: Do bedtime stories help in children’s growth?


9: Should a woman stay back at home to look after her children, or should she go outside and work?


10: Are house-husbands incompetent in providing bread to the family, by choosing to quit a job and look after the house and kids?




The definition of us comes with the society that we reside. It becomes a part of our personalities, and we pass this on to future generations. Our actions, behaviours, ways of thinking, and how we interact- it all gets defined by society. This influence roots deep from the families we are in, the relatives we have, the friends we interact with, the schools we attend, the community we live in.


While the above is a general statement, every individual is characterised by different situations that they have come across. The world is changing and so is are the societies that we are a part of. With changing times comes changing thinking processes, and every time there is a disagreement- conflict arises. 


When two parties of a different mindset, different times, come together and exchange thoughts- conflict is bound to happen. Here are some of the argumentative topics related to society. 


1: Should abortion be legal?


2: Should a father have any rights in abortion?


3: Should it be an offence to bully a person from the LGBTQ+ community?


4: Should worship places (churches, temples, mosques) be a part of politics and law-making policies?


5: Is the death penalty too much?


6: Should countries have a separate tax system that supports the homeless and needy?


7: Does diversity increase tension in the workplace?


8: Do you believe that assisted suicide should be legal?


9: Should some drugs be legalised?


10: Is eating animals wrong?




Ethics work with the idea of one taking morally right decisions. Most of the time, it ends up with discussions in support and against the topic. And since the controversial issue is involved, it becomes hard to pick sides because both the conflicts have valid points to support their arguments. 


By understanding the problem more, we may be able to uplift more layers of the problem and see where the person is coming from. Here are a few argumentative topics on ethical issues: 


1: Is it ethical for a doctor to deny treatment to a patient who cannot afford to pay the fees?


2: Is it ethical for police to abuse the power that comes with the uniform?


3: Is it ethical for an unlicensed person to give therapy to people with mental illnesses?


4: Should someone be allowed to use a gun to protect their home?


5: Is it ethical to have registered sex offenders have their names listed on public registries?


6: Should sex-work be a legal career?


7: Do you think marijuana should be legalised?


8: Should hunting be made legal?


9: Is eating meat cruelty to animals?


10: Are animal farms ethical and cruelty-free? 


With some of the topics listed above, one can participate in group discussions where questions are often left on an open-ended term.




Education is one of the most critical factors that help in shaping our future and building our personalities. The right to education is given to everyone but doesn’t reach everyone due to multiple factors. Hence, the ruling party or the state must keep a check on how things are running. It makes things harmonious between different communities and backgrounds, but it also helps balance the differences between the privileged and the underprivileged communities. 


Here is a list of argumentative topics related to education:


1: Should children with special needs be included in regular classes?


2: Should standard tests determine the future of children?


3: Should teachers and students be friends?


4: Should the curriculum be decided by the local communities or the state?


5: What are the drawbacks of traditional education?


6: How can parents help the student learn better in a classroom?


7: Compare the learning methodologies in 20th and 21st century?


8: What are the benefits of traditional education?


9: Should special schools be a part of regular schools? Or should they be a different institution in itself?


10: Should outdoor classes be made mandatory?

All you need to know about Quadratic equation calculator and Factoring calculator

Quadratic equation calculator

In this blog, we’ll learn more about Quadratic equation calculator and factoring calculator and how is it beneficial to students who are struggling with their equations.



Quadratic equation calculator helps in solving any kind of quadratic equations. With the help of this, the student will be able to have a clear solution to his problems. There are three simple steps to use the quadratic equation calculator:

  1. Enter the quadratic equation (to be solved) in the text box

2. Check the coefficients and the operator signs between different terms to obtain the correct result.

3. Click calculate it button and get the accurate result.




Quadratic equation calculator helps you in finding your answers by using different methods. It is designed in such a way that it can be used to solve in all types of methods. All you need to do is specify the method in which you want your problem to be solved, and the solution will be displayed. The best part about this quadratic equation calculator is it works in all browsers.


Different types of methods:


There are four methods which the quadratic equation calculator solves the equations:

  • Factoring method
  • Square root method
  • Completing the square method
  • Quadratic formula method

Now we’ll dive into the topic ‘Factoring Calculator’, and its importance.


What is ‘Factoring Calculator’?


Factoring Calculator is used in simplifying algebraic expressions. It is used in solving many higher degree equations. This tool is really a great invention created by creators to help the students.

Whenever the problem takes place, the invention is made with more creativity. Many students were facing issues with their factoring problems, finding greatest common divisors, partial fractions, pairs of polynomials, etc. All these problems will be solved at one place with a clearer vision, and that platform is Factoring Calculator.


How does Factoring Calculator work?


Step 1: Enter what you want to factorize. You need to be very careful while entering your equations.

Step 2: Check your operation signs like + – between terms before proceeding for the final solution.

Step 3: After you finish entering the equation, click the factorize button to get the results.


How is it better than others?


  1. Free of cost: The biggest advantage of Factoring Calculator is its price. Yes, you heard that right. It’s absolutely free. This tool is specially designed for students to help them with their academics, and also this tool is very user friendly.
  2. Eliminates complications: Factoring Calculator simplifies complicated algebraic expressions and solves complicated equations. This is a great choice one can make to complete their assignments on time with more ease and perfection.
  3. Immediate solution: Factoring calculator promises you an immediate solution. After you enter your problem with correct operation signs, your solution will be one click away. Just click on the factorize button and get your results.
  4. Accurate solutions: Factoring Calculator provides step by step accurate solution to any problem. This is designed in such a way that it solves all complicated expressions with real results.
  5. Saves hours: Students need not worry about their deadlines. Factoring Calculator is here to help you with your home assignments. This tool saves lots of time and allows students in submitting their assignments on time.
  6. Advanced mechanism: Factoring Calculator has advanced options which help in solving the complicated expressions. It is known as an advanced calculator used to simplify the most challenging problems. It is also a user-friendly calculator which is easy to use.
  7. Accessible: The most important feature of Factoring Calculator is its accessibility. Anyone can access this tool from any device. Factoring Calculator provides free entry to the user. It is very easy to use and retrieves an instant solution. After using this tool, you will face no more factoring issues.

What is Factoring trinomial Calculator?


Trinomial is basically a polynomial with three terms of factoring in it. This is difficult for most of the students, and it takes a lot of time to understand the problem and draw a solution to it.

But, with factoring trinomial Calculator, it is easy. Just put your problem in the trinomial Calculator and wait for the instant and accurate solutions.

This algorithm is designed in such a way that it can differentiate between factors of zero, the value of polynomials, factorization of polynomials and the degree of polynomials. It can also be used in different browsers and devices.


Disadvantages of Quadratic equation calculator and Factoring Calculator:

  1. Increased dependency:

Even though calculators can do the basic operations instantly, students shall not use such calculators as it makes them incapable of solving basic equations and more dependent blurting the brain. They will be unable to even think of the procedure to solve the solutions. They will have no clue of what’s next.


  • Lack of thinking:

There are some studies which state that lately, many people have been using the Quadratic equation calculator and Factoring calculator very much. This can be a problem because shortly, we might lack quality scientists with excellent computational skills. This can be a significant problem because students excessively depend upon these websites and handheld calculators that they are unable able to solve the issues without these devices.


  • Lack of learning and understanding skills:

Due to the increase in dependency on the Quadratic equation calculator and Factoring Calculator, people try to copy instead of understanding what it is. They lack understanding skills. If this continuous further, chances are higher that they might even forget the basics of the subject.


  • Lack of creativity:

If this continues, there will be a full stop for all the inventions. Brains will stop thinking beyond the screens.




In this educational ride, we have learnt about the importance and also the problems we face by using Quadratic equation calculator and Factoring Calculator. In the end, there will be benefits, and also limitations to every invention human have made. It all depends on us to what extent we need to rely on them.


If you face any issues with the Factoring Calculator while solving or using it, they also have in-house SMT’s, who will solve the problems with accurate solutions for you.

This is how quadratic equation calculator and quadratic formula solver works!

quadratic formula



The Chinese, Babylonian and the Egyptian engineers came up with the first-ever formula around 2000BC. Around 700AD the general solution for the quadratic equation, this time using numbers, was devised by a Hindu mathematician called Brahmagupta, who, among other things, used irrational numbers; he also recognized two roots in the solution. Bhaskara was the first one to recognize that a post number has two square roots.

This formula allows us to find out the root of a quadratic equation. The development or derivation of a mathematical idea is usually logical, deductible and rectilinear as possible. This so-called quadratic formula has been worked on for ages to sample the present form that we now learn in schools.



The Quadratic Equation Calculator determines whether the discriminant is less than, greater than or equal to 0. The QEC has made equations very easy to solve because usually kids and teenagers take time to solve critical equations. Still, with the calculator, it has made their lives easier and faster, due to the calculator never gets wrong and can be reliable.

A quadratic equation is a second-order polynomial equation in a single variable ax2 +bx+c = 0, with a = 0. It is a second-order polynomial equation, the theorem of algebra states that it has two solutions. These solutions may or may not be both real or complex.




The quadratic equation calculator allows us to solve a quadratic equation step by step either by finishing the square or using the quadratic formula. It will find both real and imaginary roots of a given quadratic equation.

A Quadratic Equation is a polynomial equation which involves the square of the variable but with no higher powers. In this rule, we can find the solutions of the quadratic equations. Sometimes the solutions can be real numbers, and sometimes they are nonreal. 



  • Solve equations using factoring, square roots, completing the square.

An essential technique for solving such equations is to use factoring or square roots when the form of the equation suggests one of those methods and otherwise utilize the quadratic formula.


  • It is designed to work in every browser and OS.

The QEC works in all kinds of web browsers, and it is effortless to understand the Quadratic Formula Solver. It is user-friendly software which helps many of the users. Also, it is very fast in solving the problems and providing the correct answer.

  • It is designed to use all kinds of methods to provide an accurate answer.

a. Factoring method.

b. Square root method.

c. Completing the square method.

  • Use the discriminant to classify the solutions of a quadratic equation.

The expression which appears within the radical in the quadratic formula is called the discriminant of the expression.

Pros of using Quadratic Equation Calculator and Quadratic Formula Solver:


1.Everyday Usage


As a student, we will have to deal with Quadratic Equations in Mathematics subject every day. So the calculator makes it easy for us to solve challenging problems faster, also with an accurate answer.


2.Always Right


As humans, we can often be wrong about the answer to the problems we calculate. We can be imperfect or miss some calculations, formulas Etc. However, calculators can never be wrong because a machine cannot lie, thus makes us rely on it for the correct answer.


3.It is Quicker and more manageable.


As it is a machine it is speedy and does many complex calculations in just a few moments because of the Quadratic Formula Solver it helps in solving the problem which has been entered.


4.Not only also answers, solutions!


The best part of the Quadratic Formula Solver is that it just does not provide the answer but also walk us through the problem and gives us the steps, methods and solutions. Most of the lecturers these days do not focus on the correct answer. They want instead to see our approach towards the problem. Many times when we use the simple approach, the teacher may think that either we do not know about the difficult one or us have copied the answer from somewhere. To avoid this, we must also know the steps that are involved in reaching the answer that we have.

Cons of Quadratic equation calculator and quadratic formula solver:

The disadvantages of using this calculator may not be significant for someone whose already done studying, though it holds quite a few disadvantages for the students.


Even though calculators can do the basic operations instantly, students shall not use such calculators as it makes them incapable of solving basic equations and more dependent blurting the brain.


2.Lack of Creativity.


There are some studies which state that lately, many people have been using Quadratic equation calculators very much. This can be a problem because shortly, we might lack quality scientists with excellent computational skills. This can be a significant problem because students excessively depend upon these websites and handheld calculators that they are not able to solve the problems without these devices.


3.Lack of Understanding skills:


Due to increase in dependancy people try to copy instead of understanding what it is. They lack understanding skills. If this continuous further, chances are higher that they might even forget the basics of the subject.


In the end, all we can understand is that everything has their pros and cons we have to get along with every step of the way. The Quadratic Equation Calculator has made our lives much more manageable. This not only helps us to solve the problems but also shows every step of how the problem is being solved.

The Quadratic Formula Solver is a vital part of solving the problems because it uses those formulas which are necessary for solving the problems.

What is an alphabetizer and how can it help you?

An alphabetizer lets you organize anything you write in alphabetical order, that is, as its name suggests, alphabetizers allow you to alphabetize your text. Therefore, it is recommended that you use alphabetizers for easily reorganizing your text. An alphabetizer will serve the following functions for you:


  1. Arrange anything including words, numbers and text in alphabetical order.

2. It removes html links

3. It removes reverse orders


It is extremely easy to use. You can customise how you want to alphabetize your list in ordinary ABC orders or in ASCII or in reverse order. You may also choose the input and output formats. Input format – here you can choose a separator for items which are expected to be sorted. It could be space, line-break semicolon, custom separator and even simple comma. Output format – such as line break, comma, semi-colon, space or any custom symbol to separate.


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This is how essays are written!

We always feel short of words when given a specific topic to write. Our mind goes blank for a second. We will face many pressures such as assignments submission, deadlines, short of topics, unknown formats and many more. In today’s world, everyone is busy dealing with their issues. It would be best if you have a clear and creative mind to start things from scratch.


Even the easiest task looks like a huge burden on one’s shoulder if you are not trained enough. Sometimes people feel exhausted and drained doing the same tasks every day. Their creativity reaches to the null point if they are assigned the same projects and meeting the same deadlines. In order to make their work a little exciting, they should try including some elements which add more meaning to their work and also increase their productivity.


The first towards writing the best essay is choosing the type of sentences. Words form sentences and sentences give life to the complete essay. If you write the correct sentence, then the correct context is delivered to the reader. Therefore the type of sentences plays a significant role in writing an essay.

Many people find difficulty in deciding the number of pages should be written to make the essay look professional. For example, many people ask, how many pages is 500 words essay? Or how many pages is a 1000 word essay? Generally, the word count doesn’t matter if the content and formatting part is done correctly.

How many pages are 500 words?

The answer to this popular question would be the right topic and the usage of the right sentences. Many people face challenges in choosing the topic. The topic chosen should be both attractive and informative. Then the next step comes in deciding the presentation of the topic. This includes the type of sentences and in how many pages the content should be explained clearly.

Major points to remember while writing:

  1. Plagiarism free:

Plagiarism free content is given high priority. It creates a positive impression on the reader. Type of sentences and how many pages are written also taken under consideration while detecting plagiarism error.

  • Format and style:

Formatting and style also play a key role while making an impression on the author. Proper fonts, colours, margins, spacing, alignments, etc. should be taken into consideration while writing an essay. The answer to how many pages a 500-word essay should be, depends on the style and format you choose.

  • References:

Research about the topic you chose before writing it. A good essay always needs good research work. Take references from trusted online websites.


At times, while writing, we face many obstacles in choosing the right content or maybe delivering the right message to the readers. Sometimes you will be in no mood to proofread the content and edit the content many times, or you will be running late for assignment submission, in these situations you can take expert writing help from online.

Should you write with an Essay Writer and Paraphrasing Tool?

excellent essay with essay outline

Spending hours working on an essay and still not being able to finish it on time makes the ethics take a backseat. Instead of wanting to spend hours searching for journals on the web, a much easier way is to paraphrase another author’s work, or include it in the on-going essay on the Essay Writer Tool. However, passing off someone else’s work as one’s own causes more harm than necessary. The repercussions of this differ from every academic institute. In some, the plagiarized papers get rejected, in other institutes; expulsions.  

Although there is always a set limit on how much plagiarism is passable, it is still advisable to write content that is original in its thoughts and words.  

It becomes difficult to produce words and ideas that are original enough, especially when multiple deadlines await. The question then comes- How much usage of a writing tool is ethical enough? 

Is there a thing as Ethical Paraphrasing? 

Yes. Ethical paraphrasing is something that everyone does. We do it to show appreciation and respect to the original author, along with that, the work supports one’s original ideas. Paraphrasing an author’s work works when it comes to showing references for your paper. It becomes a credible source. Not only that, it helps one’s understanding of the topic.  

Even if it’s ethical, one should know when to paraphrase and how much they can paraphrase.  

 It is okay to paraphrase when it is something you’re already working on. You can paraphrase when quoting from the author. Or if there are too many quotes that can be paraphrased to fit into the sentence better.  

What is an Essay Writer Tool? Does it work? 

Essay writer tools find or write an essay for you on a given topic. However, these tools also use texts from other sites and become more comfortable for the other person to find plagiarism if you run the essay through an online plagiarism checker.  

Since the free essay tools are thriving, they usually paraphrase the entire sentence into something that becomes jumbled garbage in the end. It becomes hard to understand what the essay is saying, and also the quality of the content falls considerably.  

Now we may wonder why students use these tools if they are up to no good?  

Academics barely have the time to finish their tasks and assignments on time. The projects are submitted right when the deadline is about to end, or they send in emails to ask for a new date for submission.  

In these cases, essay writer tools come into help when students are running out of words or inspiration to write. These tools not only increase the word count but also helps the student worry a little less about their tasks.  

Since they’re so easily accessible and easier to use, it has resulted in the emergence of more new tools like these, that can help the student write essays. It becomes convenient for them to use these tools.  

Persuasive Speech Topics that will move the crowd

When it comes to inspiring others, we want our voices to be heard, and our words to be considered. Picking a good topic becomes tough when one wants to bring people’s attention to what they’re saying. Often, students are asked to write essays on persuasive topics for multiple occasions, and here it becomes essential for the student to pick a topic that will hold the attention of the people and make them stand out from the crowd.

When the speech is written eloquently, one knows they will be able to move the audience. It is necessary to choose a persuasive speech topic that one is already familiar with. Further research helps to enhance the quality of the speech that one presents to the audience.

Many students struggle at the first step- which is to choose the right topic for the speech. Here are a few examples of persuasive speech topics that students can choose from.

Choosing a persuasive speech topic gets confusing for the student because many researche goes into picking just one issue. If the student cannot pick one topic or chooses a speech topic that is not influential enough- it will make the readers or the crowd lose their attention.

It is also essential to know what kind of persuasive speech topic one will be picking. There are three types of persuasive speech:

1: Factual Persuasive Speech- it brings factual evidence to explain whether something is correct or not.

2: Value Persuasive Speech- it demonstrates whether something is right or wrong from a moral viewpoint.

3: Policy Persuasive Speech- it advances policies, laws, rules, and electoral programs.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the topic that one chooses should always be relevant to what they’re studying, or what has been asked of them.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Mental Health

How do the complexities of human nature make us similar in many ways?

Are mental health concerns real in teenage students?

Is it easy to identify neurogenerative disorders in school going kids?

Do teens have personality disorders, and how can the school help in fixing it?

Mathematics stresses out the students. Should it stay compulsory?

Are phobias real? What are the similarities with how kids and adults react to their phobias?

Is there a right time for kids to be on medicines for their mental health?

Do mental health medications work, or is it just a placebo effect?

Does media affect suicide amongst teenagers and young adults?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Business

Who are better entrepreneurs? Introverts or extroverts?

Can having a mentor affect the success of your business career?

Are communication skills necessary in the field of business?

Can a person start their business even if they have no money?

How social media affects your marketing?

Do unorthodox ideas work in the field of business?

How can feedbacks help in enhancing your product?

Is it right to ask for the employer to ask social media accounts of the employee?

Should an employer ask questions related to an employees personal life?

Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

Should zoos be made illegal? Is it ethical for animals to be kept in zoos?

Should everyone try to go vegan?

Is it ethical to euthanise stray animals?

Should animal testing be banned?

Is it ethical to keep animals of different climate condition in an entirely different region?

Should animals be spayed to control their population?

What are the ways in which we can help animals live a better life?

Should we use products made from animal products?

Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

Are kids nowadays dependent on the internet?

What is the difference in the personalities of kids who grow up dependent on the internet vs kids growing up without the internet?

Should kids under the age of 16 have their social media accounts?

Should parents moderate the social media accounts of kids under the age of 16?

Should exam results be enough to label a student as “bad” or “good”?

How important is it to pay attention to bullying in school?

How to overcome the hesitation to make a conversation with new people?

Is it okay to punish bullies?

Is it okay for kids to go into therapy?

How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

Are school kids overworked?

How to write impressive titles for your speeches or essays?

Which sport must one play to stay the fittest?

Is social media the reason behind the high rising rates of eating disorders in children?

Persuasive Speech Topics for the field of Medicine

Are alternative medicines and treatments real or fake?

Should medical care be free for all?

Mental health affects the society in what ways?

What are the reasons for constant backaches and how to deal with them?

Should everyone donate blood every year?

What are the prerequisites of donating blood?

Does using a mouthwash help with an overall cleansing of your mouth?

Diet beverages are good for health or not?

Does cell phone radiation affect or body?

What is the main reason behind obesity? Does the food industry promote it?

Should animals be viewed as food?

How can one keep their immune system healthy in Covid times?

Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

Social media affects the mental and physical health of people.

Why are villains relatable in any movie?

Can one truly learn from their mistakes?

Should there be stronger road safety laws?

Should stricter punishments be given to people who text or call while drive?

Can we, as a society, live underwater and thrive?

Single-use plastic utensils or containers should be banned.

Should schools start later in the day?

Can one trust the refugees from other countries?

Should immigrant laws be stricter or lenient?

Should the rich be taxed more?

How to deal with the issues that come with being an adult?

How to deal with the stresses of daily living?

How to work with people you don’t like.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Video Games

Do video games induce violence in kids?

Are video games stressful and affect the mental health of people who play it?

How are the gaming visuals changed in the last few years?

Do video games help us in understanding the complexities of life and human behaviour?

Do people get influenced by the violence shown in video games?

Is living without computers easy at this time of our life?

Do people who play video games have faster logical and rational thinking abilities?

Is the gaming industry affecting our lives?

Are video games useful when it comes to teaching kids?

Can playing video games affect a child’s personality?

Are video games popular amongst adults as well?

Should one be allowed to play video games with strangers online?

Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics

Should the government spend money on researching about space?

Does spending money on buying and building more weapons going to help human society?

Being dependent on painkillers is healthy or not?

The scientific world is changing faster than we can keep up with it?

Finding a cure for cancer should always be made a priority.

How can one’s diet affect the onset of multiple diseases?

Can supplements replace real food?

Are animals a commodity for humans to use and exploit as they will?

Do crystals work in terms of healing and cleansing a person?

Is astrology something that people should rely on while making important life decisions?

How can science help in improving the lives of people with disabilities?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Religion

Should religion be taught in schools?

Do atheists and theists have different personalities in terms of how they perceive the world?

Does religion help in dealing with trauma?

Is religion the reason of conflict?

Is new age spirituality a myth?

Do the old and new interpretations of any holy text, causes conflict?

Should the argument of the existence of God be discussed in educational institutes?

Fun stories about gods from different cultures.

Can emotional stories from holy texts renew the belief of God in people?

Should children be allowed to choose their religion?

Are religious beliefs and practices forced on people?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Education

Why is it necessary to research a topic properly before writing an essay?

Should colleges be made free?

Taking the year off from school can make or break a career.

Should cell phones be allowed in schools?

Should students be sent to boarding schools? What are the ways in which it can affect a student’s learning process?

Should there be separate classrooms for kids with special needs?

Should there be different classrooms for kids who don’t identify with “male” or “female” gender norms?

Should uniforms be compulsory in schools and colleges?

How can teachers help in improving a kid’s presentation skills?

High school students should be made to learn how to write good curriculum vitae.

Should high school students be taught the important skills in an adult’s life? (Learning how to change tyres of a car, how to open a bank account, how to apply for jobs, how to make good presentations)

Can fun games in the classroom help the shy and introvert kids to become more vocal and expressive?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Environment

How can strict laws be made in the environment sector?

Should the government steal the lands from tribal communities?

Should the government be allowed to use the land where tribes reside?

Should there be laws to protect the animals and tribes?

How can we individually do our best to save the environment?

Does going vegan really help the environment?

Should the rich be taxed extra for causing harm to the environment?

Should people who frequently travel from aeroplanes be made to pay extra for causing harm to the environment?

Is it essential to teach about the environment in schools?

How important it is for a child to be in the environment?

Is recycling saving our planet?

Are metal straws really helpful?

Are we taking the right measures to tackle climate change issues?

Should there be a ban on disposable diapers?

Should smokers pay extra tax?

Should there be stronger laws against people who litter?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Family

Should parents be allowed to discipline their child physically?

Does childhood abuse lead to mental health problems in the future?

How can a family run a business together?

Should parents be allowed to go through their child’s belongings?

Should kids worry about their privacy in the house?

Should parents maintain their boundaries with their kids?

Can video games be used as a form of education when it comes to teaching kids and teens?

Can a family’s history make the child more prone to stress and anxiety and other mental health dysfunctions?

What are the perks and challenges of having an older or younger sibling?

Is the middle child of the family the most neglected one?

Is the eldest child of the family more prone to getting affected by the trauma?

Should the parents monitor their child’s activity on the internet?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Arts and Culture

Can journal writing help you become a better person?

Does journal writing help in building the personality of a person?

Are artists different from the general crowd?

Is there a difference in people who practice art compared to the ones that don’t?

Movies that show violence- does it affect the mental health of people?

Can watching movies about extreme trauma, stress people out?

Does reading funny comics affect one’s mood?

Can a show move you to believe in something that you did not believe in before?

How do songs affect our lives daily?

Can art help in overcoming the troubles of daily living?

Does art make living easy?

Is art necessary in the daily lives of people?

Is it necessary to teach art of any kind in schools?

Why reading things in list form easier compared to reading an essay?

Government Persuasive Speech Topics

Is it necessary for the population to have a higher education to get a good salary?

Should the government have access to our private information?

Should the government be allowed to sell our data to private companies?

What is the role of government in handling situations of crisis?

What is the role of government in terms of environment crisis?

Is the government really taking steps to handle inter-religious conflicts?

Should the voting age be reduced to 16?

Should the government fund building biological weapons?

How has the government handled the crisis of Covid?

Should addicts pay health tax?

Is the government spending too much tax money in the military sector?

Should the general public be allowed to question the government without the fear of legal repercussions?

Who do we look up to if the government is incompetent?

Is government complicit when it comes to religious conflicts?

Bonus tips for making your persuasive speech topic even better!

Just having a good idea for a persuasive speech is not enough. The important thing is to make sure the content you are presenting is up to mark and informative. Persuasive speeches or topics bring our emotional and ethical sentiments in people. Besides being informative, a good persuasive topic can move people emotionally and make them gain trust in what you present. One must work hard to make sure that every sentence of their essay is crisp and easy to understand, as well as very eloquently narrated.

Here are some tips that will help you to create a good outline for your persuasive speech topic!

1: Create an essay outline

Whenever one works on an essay, it is important to make sure that it is perfectly balanced with logic, reasoning, and research. There are always some guidelines provided in how to divide your essay in different sections. An outline helps make sure one stays on the track and does not get confused in writing. One needs to work hard to make sure every paragraph is well researched and presented in the most comfortable ways so that the reader and listener can understand you.

2: Use the right words

Is it essential that along with sound research, the student uses the right vocabulary as well. Using the right words bring out strong emotions in the reader and makes your essay more interesting to read. It also becomes informative and easy to understand when the right words are used along with an interesting read. With the right words, the student can emphasize the areas they want the reader to focus on.

3: Ask for help from a professional!

While it is important to do the above steps on your own, knowing how to present your essay can be challenging for most students. In these cases, asking for professional help works the best. Whether it is a teacher or a senior who has a lot of academic writing experience, asking for their help works in your favour. Sometimes when there is a time limit, one can also refer to paraphrasing tools or look for professional academic writers online who can help the students by charging a fee for the essay.

4: Use a lot of supporting arguments

Any essay becomes more influential when the argument is supported. It is necessary to refer to a lot of journals to find examples of studies that support your hypothesis, or topic. When you do that- it helps in explaining your points easier.

5: Keep on practising!

This is one of the most important and necessary advice for students. One must not worry if they fail at presenting the best essay in the first few attempts. The important thing is never to stop practising and building better skills each time. The same advice goes on for people in any field. Every great writer, musician, dancer, sportsperson, has practised their craft and made themselves better. If they can, so can you!