Dissertation Writing – Salient Features

Dissertation Writing – Salient Features


Before understanding the salient features of dissertation writing, it is essential to plan the dissertation. The more organized a paper is the better impression it creates.



Key points of Dissertation structure


Typically, a traditional dissertation is structured with the given steps:


I. Title page:


The title page is the cover page of the dissertation. It has a few details such as title, student name, degree program, supervisor name, university name, and the date when the dissertation can be submitted, etc. Top universities have a defined set of requirements for the presentation of the title page.


II. Acknowledgements:


The acknowledgements section is usually optional and gives the writer space to acknowledge everyone who helped write the dissertation. This might include supervisors, participants, fellow researchers, and friends.


III. Abstract:


The abstract provides readers with a quick overview of the dissertation. It should express the central idea and key points. The function of an abstract is to describe the research objectives. It should have a brief and precise statement of the problem or issue, followed by a description of the research methodology and conclude with a summary. Ideally, an abstract has a 150-300 worded paragraph.


IV. Table of contents:


A Structured format that lists down all the chapter’s names, subheadings, along with the respective page numbers, which is known as a table of contents. It provides the reader with an overview of the dissertation and helps to navigate easily through the document.


V. Chapters of the dissertation:


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. A Literature review
  • 3. Methodology
  • 4. Results
  • 5. Discussion
  • 6. Conclusion


VI. References:


References list down all the sources that contributed to the research. It is important to include full details of all sources that are in the reference list (sometimes also called works cited list or bibliography) as missing a single source, too may result in plagiarism/paper rejection. Since there are various formats of reference – APA referencing style, MLA referencing style, or other format suggested by the university should be followed.


VII. Appendices:



Appendices contain key information that directly contributes to answering research questions. Documents that do not fit into the main section of the dissertation (such as interview transcripts, survey questions, additional tables, and figures, etc..) can be added as appendices.



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