List of Topic to give Persuasive Speeches on in 2021!

Speeches are a great way to make your voice heard. They can help you form new opinions and share your existing opinions with an audience. An engaging speech begins with an engaging topic. If you are stuck on what topic to give a speech on, this article might help!


How should you pick a Topic to deliver a speech on?


To deliver a speech, your topic must be a conducive one. To ensure this, it is better if you pick a topic you are passionate about. Your passion shows in your work, so any topic you are passionate about will have a wider reach and a greater appeal.


Your work will also stand out if you can reflect on the “zeitgeist” or the “spirit of the time.” This means that your speech will be more relevant if it fits into the current social context as people can relate to it more.


Novelty and new ideas also stand out. Reflecting on the spirit of the time does not necessarily have to deprive your topic of novelty. For example, while delivering a speech on COVID-19 might be relevant in the current context, it will be repetitive and boring if you do not analyze a new perspective.


Depending on your objective, your speeches can belong to any of three categories. The three main categories your speeches might fall under are:


  • Informative speeches
  • Persuasive speeches
  • Speeches for Special Occasions


However, Jooz classifies speeches into five categories:


  • Frozen
  • Formal
  • Consultative
  • Casual
  • Intimate


The most popular categories or topics for speeches include the following domains. Selecting a domain you want to concentrate on can help you frame your speech better and avoid distractions. Here is a list of the most popular domains for selecting a speech topic.


  • Health
  • Arts/Culture
  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Sports
  • Education.
  • Science/Environment
  • Ethics
  • Government/Politics


While giving a speech, you must engage your audience. Writing an engaging speech is difficult and delivering one can be even more challenging. To make sure you can grab attention and successfully hold it, make sure that you:


  • Do your research thoroughly to know what you are talking about in great detail and answer any questions your audience may have for you.


  • Consider all perspectives of an argument.


  • Write your speech in such a way that it appeals to your audience. This can involve language, tone, or content. Therefore, make sure you know your audience so that you can cater to them.


Now let’s discuss the speech topics under the most popular domains:





  1. Meat-based and vegetarian diets are equally healthy.
  2. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)/ ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) should be medicated.
  3. Free access to condoms prevents teen pregnancies.
  4. Addiction is a disease and not a choice.
  5. Chocolate is Healthy
  6. Abortion should be legal worldwide.
  7. Moral Dilemma surrounding Euthanasia
  8. The Dark World of Diet Pills
  9. Why has Electroconvulsive Therapy been stopped
  10. Do Homeopathic Treatments Work?





  1. Influence of popular art on culture
  2. Japanese Calligraphic styles and materials
  3. Henna patterns across the Middle East, India, and Africa
  4. Fashion mad textile in Asian Tribes.
  5. Bollywood and the Hindi film industry.
  6. How did scientific discoveries of the age influence Greek architecture?
  7. The Great Wall of China
  8. Women and politics: Starting from Ancient Rome to today.
  9. The most significant piece of art of the 20th century
  10. Graffiti art or vandalism?
  11. The art of Photography
  12. How did Paris become the center of art?
  13. Significance of art in our lives
  14. Rise and decline in the popularity of the television





  1. Impact of Technology on Language
    1. The Evolution of the Internet
    1. How do Satellites work?
    1. Computers through the Ages
    1. Nuclear Power as a renewable source of Energy
    1. Cyber Bullying
    1. Is Judgement Day Real?
    1. The future of Robots
    1. Social Media and the Brain
    1. Violence and Video Games




  1. How did The People’s Republic of China’s Economy boom?
    1. Japanese Economic Revolution
    1. The great depression
    1. The COVID-19 Recession
    1. Comparison Between the Great Depression and the 2020 Economic Crisis
    1. Impact of Education on Economy
    1. A decrease in Inflation leads to an increase in Unemployment.
    1. Progressive Taxations should be Universal.
    1. Environmental Taxation
    1. The Economy of Developing Countries




1.            Sports for All Ages

2.            Worst Sporting Trades through History

3.            Dangers of Gymnastics

4.            Drug Abuse in the Sports Industry

5.            Trans people in Sports

6.            Most Popular Sports in the World

7.            Why are Sports Engaging to watch

8.            Community spirit in Sports

9.            Gladiator Fighting as a sport

10.         Why are Bull-runs illegal?




  1. Education for the differently-abled
    1. Education for Special needs children
    1. Importance of Adult schooling
    1. Night school
    1. Impact of Education on Economy
    1. Education as a right
    1. Educating the female child
    1. Importance of regularly updating the curriculum
    1. Should children be allowed to pick their courses?
    1. Teacher-student interactions
    1. Should teachers be paid more
    1. Do test scores determine a student’s intelligence.
    1. Is our education practical?
    1. Is learning more than two languages in school beneficial in any way?
    1. Learning disabilities in higher education




  1. Evolution: from primates to today
    1. Albert Einstein
    1. Isaac Newton
    1. Nuclear Energy
    1. Ethics in Science
    1. Impact of World War II on science
    1. Nuremberg Trials
    1. Scientific Breakthroughs during the Cold War
    1. Was the Moon Landing faked?
    1. How do we know the Earth isn’t Flat?
    1. Colonizing Mars
    1. Water on the Moon
    1. How do you become an Astronaut?
    1. History of Vaccination
    1.  The Anti-vax Movement





  1. Is Climate Change Real?
    1. Why is Ice Melting?
    1. Can we Refreeze the Arctic?
    1. Genetically Modified Organisms
    1. How to Dispose of your waste
    1. What is your Carbon Footprint?
    1. Go Vegan to Save the Environment?
    1. The Green Revolution
    1. Industries and Global Warming
    1. Climate Change Denial and its Impact






  1. Ethics in Science
    1. The Nuremberg Code
    1. Honesty is Not Always the Best Policy
    1. Tolerance
    1. Social Justice Warriors
    1. Slapp Suits
    1. Is the Constitution Ethical?
    1. Why is hunting unethical?
    1. Black Money
    1. Black Markets
    1. Underage Alcohol Consumption
    1. Red Tape






  1. Immigration
    1. Free Trade Agreements
    1. Pros and Cons of Brexit
    1. Significant Women in Politics
    1. Rise of Representation in Politics
    1. Should Communism be Promoted
    1. The Ugly Side of Capitalism

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