Should you write with an Essay Writer and Paraphrasing Tool?

Spending hours working on an essay and still not being able to finish it on time makes the ethics take a backseat. Instead of wanting to spend hours searching for journals on the web, a much easier way is to paraphrase another author’s work, or include it in the on-going essay on the Essay Writer Tool. However, passing off someone else’s work as one’s own causes more harm than necessary. The repercussions of this differ from every academic institute. In some, the plagiarized papers get rejected, in other institutes; expulsions.  

Although there is always a set limit on how much plagiarism is passable, it is still advisable to write content that is original in its thoughts and words.  

It becomes difficult to produce words and ideas that are original enough, especially when multiple deadlines await. The question then comes- How much usage of a writing tool is ethical enough? 

Is there a thing as Ethical Paraphrasing? 

Yes. Ethical paraphrasing is something that everyone does. We do it to show appreciation and respect to the original author, along with that, the work supports one’s original ideas. Paraphrasing an author’s work works when it comes to showing references for your paper. It becomes a credible source. Not only that, it helps one’s understanding of the topic.  

Even if it’s ethical, one should know when to paraphrase and how much they can paraphrase.  

 It is okay to paraphrase when it is something you’re already working on. You can paraphrase when quoting from the author. Or if there are too many quotes that can be paraphrased to fit into the sentence better.  

What is an Essay Writer Tool? Does it work? 

Essay writer tools find or write an essay for you on a given topic. However, these tools also use texts from other sites and become more comfortable for the other person to find plagiarism if you run the essay through an online plagiarism checker.  

Since the free essay tools are thriving, they usually paraphrase the entire sentence into something that becomes jumbled garbage in the end. It becomes hard to understand what the essay is saying, and also the quality of the content falls considerably.  

Now we may wonder why students use these tools if they are up to no good?  

Academics barely have the time to finish their tasks and assignments on time. The projects are submitted right when the deadline is about to end, or they send in emails to ask for a new date for submission.  

In these cases, essay writer tools come into help when students are running out of words or inspiration to write. These tools not only increase the word count but also helps the student worry a little less about their tasks.  

Since they’re so easily accessible and easier to use, it has resulted in the emergence of more new tools like these, that can help the student write essays. It becomes convenient for them to use these tools.  

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