Structure of dissertation

How to write a dissertation structure

Structure of a dissertation.

When you are planning to write a dissertation, it is crucial to understand the structure, and then make a dissertation structure plan to create an excellent dissertation.


 It must contain a description of the study and also the key findings


This section will cover the problems faced during the drafting of the dissertation and the context of the dissertation.

 Literature review

The literature review will concentrate on the topic of your study. Try to identify and synthesize the qualitative research arguments and evidence related to the research question.


Your approach towards the theoretical foundation and a philosophical viewpoint of your research.


 It would be best if you answered the questions like why, how, and what chapter.


Present your data and indicate whether it does or does not answer your research questions.


 What did you find after collecting the data and doing the research?


The implications of your findings, the questions raised in the literature review section and the context of your dissertation.


 A summary of your complete research and all the facts you gave in your dissertation.


It should list all sources of consulted literature when preparing the dissertation.  

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