Understanding The Process Of Drafting The Perfect Research Paper Outline

Research Paper Outline

Illustrating your first draft by posting each section’s point sentence can be a simple method to guarantee that every one of your passages is filling a particular need in your paper. You may discover the freedoms to consolidate or kill potential passages while making a research paper outline. The first drafts regularly contain redundant thoughts or areas that slow down, instead of advance, the paper’s focal contention. 


Also, if you are experiencing difficulty updating a paper, making a diagram of each passage and its theme sentence after you have composed your paper can be a viable method of distinguishing a paper’s qualities and shortcomings. The blueprint is the skeleton of your exploration paper. Start by recording your theory and the fundamental thoughts you wish to introduce. This article will probably change as your research advances; hence, don’t stress over being too explicit in the beginning phases of making a research paper outline. The main part is finished at this point, we are simply going to broaden and coordinate it. 


Understanding the levels of your research paper outline


An exploration paper diagram commonly contains somewhere in the range of two and four layers of association. The initial two layers are the most summed up. Each layer from that point will contain the examination you complete and presents increasingly more nitty-gritty data. 


The levels are ordinarily addressed by a mix of Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, capitalized letters, lowercase letters however may incorporate different images. Allude to the rules given by your establishment, as designing isn’t all-inclusive and varies between colleges, fields, and subjects. If you are composing the framework for yourself, you may pick any blend you like. 


Exploration Research Paper Outline Structure Tips 


Examination article layout is an arrangement for your future exploration. It is a scholastic task that is assessed like your last paper. The motivation behind a blueprint is to exhibit your agreement and vision of the point. It assists with staying away from missteps and shapes a theme into genuine work. 


A research paper outline incorporates the accompanying parts: 


  1. Title 
  2. Postulation articulation 
  3. Significant contentions 
  4. Supporting focuses for each 
  5. End 


The design of the layout for a research paper is roughly similar whether you compose a school research diagram on dreams or some point removed from this one, similar to an exploration diagram for the Ph.D. application. The construction is indistinguishable from the design of the exploration paper itself. It might appear to be very muddled to adapt to this undertaking, and in such a case, you can generally depend on research paper composing administration. 


Tips for composing an analysis paper layout 


Be Consistent: 


Guarantee each heading has a comparative tone. Express the point or compose short sentences for each heading however, try not to do both. 


Arrange Information: 


Higher degrees of the association are all the more by and large expressed, and each supporting level turns out to be more explicit. The presentation and end won’t ever be lower than the degree of association. 


Construct Support: 


Each primary thought ought to have at least two supporting points. If your exploration needs more data to help the fundamental thought you are introducing, you ought to, as a rule, total extra examination or modify the research paper outline.

The Best And Reliable Citing Machine: Son Of Citation


For academic writing, the ‘son of citation’ machine is used to create a proper quotation from any type of resource. It allows you to build a source list, convert it to any citation form, and write an essay in Chicago style. It may work for a variety of sources, including journals, books, essays, anthologies, and more.


The advantages of using the ‘Son of Citation’ Machine 


The advantages of using the ‘Son of Citation’ Machine are various. The advantages mentioned here will make you a happier and fulfilled customer, which has worked in our favor.


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Citation with the ‘son of citation’ machine is a simple and time-saving tool. We understand that doing your citation is a time-consuming and generally unpleasant process because you must pay attention to the tiniest details, or the whole citation will be thrown out.


The procedure is completely automated. All you have to do is type in the required subject, URL, or some other requirement, and the computer will do the rest.


Some Useful hints for ‘Son of Citation’ Machine


It’s easy to use the ‘son of citation’ machine. We ensure that the procedure is simple, but they provide you with some pointers on how to go about it.


Log in after searching on the web. The website is easy to find, and there is no other website with a similar name.


Indicate which style you’d like to use. This will be determined by the nature of the mission at hand. There’s no need to be concerned because you’ll find any of the styles available to you, and if you look closely, you’ll see that the citation will vary depending on the type you’re using.


They have provided citations from a variety of sources, including a website, a report, a newspaper, and a journal, among others. After that, you’ll choose the sort of information source.


Then, in the given box, you will be asked to enter a requirement by its requirements. This point varies depending on the source. Different sources will request different information.


If you use the automatic option, the various parts of citations will be displayed; if not, look at the source and enter the required information; however, if you use the manual version, you will be directed through the areas that need to be filled in to complete the citation.


What sets Son of Citation Machine apart from the competition?


The developers were able to establish themselves as one of the most cited websites. The ‘son of citation’ began a long time ago. As a result, they have been able to gain the necessary expertise to make improvements to their site and ensure that it meets the majority of the clients’ needs. It has also aided them in making their processes more pleasant and effective. They believe in providing high-quality service, and that is what they do.

Easy Ways To Write Research Paper Outline For All Purposes


An outline is a tool for putting written thoughts on a subject into a logical order. Outlines aid in the organization of major themes, subtopics, and supporting information. When it comes to writing, outlines will help researchers decide which topics to cover and in what order.


Different Levels Of Writing A Outline


A plan for an examination paper typically has two to four layers of an association. The most summed up layers are the initial two. Following that, each layer will contain the examination you’ve done as such far and will introduce an ever-increasing number of point-by-point subtleties.


The levels are typically indicated by a blend of Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, capitalized letters, and lowercase letters, however, different images might be utilized. Since arranging isn’t general and fluctuates between colleges, fields, and subjects, counsel the rules gave by your foundation. You can utilize any blend you need in case you’re composing the blueprint for yourself.  The steps in writing a research paper outline are as follows:


  • The title
  • Thesis assertion
  • Arguments of importance
  • Arguments in Support of Each Conclusion


How To Properly Write A Research Paper Outline


Determine the type of research paper you’ll be writing after you’ve chosen a subject. Descriptive essays, argumentative essays, and comparative essays are all popular formats. Fortunately, all three have very similar architectures. Several steps are outlined below to assist you in creating a research paper outline.   


  • Make a decision about the sort of essay you’ll write. High school and early college research essays are typically five paragraphs long and are either informative or argumentative.


  • Choose a subject for your essay. Instructors also assign topics to students. The best subjects are those that are both interesting and debatable to your reader.


  • Compile a list of notes, tools, and references.


  • Complete all necessary analysis.


  • Use one of the following styles to organize your outline: full sentence or alpha-numeric. Complete sentence outlines offer more clarity than alphanumeric outlines. Below are some examples of both.


  • Think of using a parallel structure. Each section of the outline should begin with the same word type—for example, nouns or verbs. If you’re using verbs, make sure they’re all in the same tense.




  • Ensure that the sound of each heading is consistent. Avoid doing both by stating the subject or writing short sentences for each heading.
  • Organization: The higher the level of organization, the more general it is specified, and the more precise each supporting level becomes. The introduction and conclusion will never be organized below the first floor.
  • Support: There should be two or three supporting topics for each key concept. If your research lacks sufficient evidence to support the key concept you’re proposing, you can conduct additional research or rewrite your outline.




Overall, your research paper outline should resemble a bulleted list of headings and subheadings; it should be concise yet descriptive, and it should include all of the essential elements. Cross out the pieces of your paper that you have already used and expanded on when you finish it.

Accelerate Your Writing By Knowing How Many Pages Is 1000 Words


Consider a situation in which you needed to write a 1000-word piece, such as an article or a blog entry. So, how many pages are 1000 words? The vehicle of those 1000 words will be used to respond to that inquiry. For a wide range of scholarly and business projects, people use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. In Microsoft Word, the word counter displays the number of words per page. The number of pages taken up by 1000 words in Word is determined by the text style, text dimension, dividing, edges, and section structure. Here are some simple 1000-word calculations:


– Two pages when the text style is Arial, the text size is 12pt, and the dividing is single.

– Two pages when the text style is Calibri, the text size is 10pt, and the dividing is twofold.

– Four pages when the text style is Times New Roman, the text size is 12pt, and the separating is twofold. Both secondary school and school composition require these skills.


Instructions to compose a 1000 word exposition


Picking the point: 


Not generally the theme is offered, and the chance of picking the subject of your paper can be a major in addition to: on the off chance that you are pondering, “What should I compose my article on?” go for an issue you are well up in or with a ton of accessible material, both on the web and in libraries. There are endless conceivable 1000 words article subjects; an individual perspective is to stay away from topics that include you inwardly, facing, in any case, the challenge of losing objectivity. 


Sketch an overall skeleton: A few rules characterizing the general boundaries of your article can be useful in fostering your content inside specific cutoff points, maintaining the emphasis on the theme, and forestalling the risk of going neither here nor there. 


Organizing your paper: 


At first, one has to understand how many pages are 1000 words. A 1000-word paper is normally made of three principal parts: presentation, body, end. The presentation investigates the subject extensively, exciting the perusers’ premium and welcoming them to investigate it. The body is the biggest piece of framework for the article, where the subject and thoughts are analyzed and upheld by contentions and authentic information. The end summarizes the article, featuring the remarkable thoughts and, perhaps, submitting some new unique suggestions and focuses. Inside these full-scale rules, numerous choices are conceivable, contingent upon the reason for your issue; a smart thought is to google for 500 words paper models and get propelled by those coordinating, all around, the overall skeleton you have arranged. 


Getting motivated lifts innovativeness, appropriating restricts it. As a rule, I don’t prefer to compose such authoritative sentences, yet the significance of a unique substance in expositions requires a solid stand in reality. The decision of making an all-new substance as opposed to utilizing one previously composed is founded on obligation and regard for others’ work, however, there are other, less apparent, reasons you shouldn’t appropriate. Imagine a scenario where your unique thoughts would be an incredible commitment to a further creating of the point, moving different subjects to open new entryways and investigate various freedoms identified with that topic.


How to write an excellent essay with essay outline, grammar checker and other tools!

excellent essay with essay outline

Essay writing is a skill that keeps on getting better with every effort one puts in it. However, apart from just the writing skills, there is one more thing that makes your essay looks professional and academically brilliant- with how you format it. The essay format is fundamental in any writing field, whether one is a student or writes professionally. How one structure, their essays makes the difference. 


There is a standard essay format that is followed universally. Unless otherwise specified, the student must follow this format: 


1: The page margins are 1 inch on each side. 


2: Specific line spacings are provided to the students. (single-spaced, double spaced.)


3: Page headers should always be included in essays. Whether the header content would be on the left or right side, gets provided by the course leader. 


4: There are specific fonts required, but the major ones that are universally used are Times New Roman or Arial, with the font size being 12 mostly. 


The easiest way to structure an essay is to divide it into multiple parts: the abstract, introduction, research methodologies, and conclusion. The abstract includes fundamental research in a gist. The reader gets to know the study’s general topic, how many subjects took part in it, what methodologies were used, and if the result supports the argument. 


The introduction consists of all the critical arguments and research from credible sources to support the student’s topic. Here, brief information about the subject is given and why one chose to work on the said topic. 


If the essay requires, then the research methodology part includes all the other supporting arguments and literature reviews from reliable sources. It helps make your writing more credible. 


Some important tips are given below to understand how one can write better essays. 


1: Understand the topic- Usually, while writing essays, topics are given. But if you have the opportunity to pick a topic for yourself- choose something that you have a keen interest in. 


 Do as much reading as you can on the given topic to understand what it talks about and the arguments you can form from the content you have read. 


2: Brainstorm- It is also called the pre-writing part where one jots down the essential points that crossed their minds. While writing a formal essay, they can refer to the vital ideas and references to support their topic more without getting side-tracked by other things. 


3: Writing without editing- While having a grammatically right and eloquent sounding essay is something that everyone wants, it is essential to know that no first draft is ever going to sound brilliant. The most important part is to write and let all the thoughts out, and once that is done- sit down to edit!


4: Don’t keep things for the next day- Essay writing can be stressful if one isn’t prepared correctly. It becomes crucial for the student not to procrastinate to not end up in the vicious cycle of rushing through the essays. 


Writing is always fun when the outline and format are prepared already! 


We often believed that if we use content from someone else’s journal and paraphrase it, it will pass easily through the plagiarism checker tool. However, taking someone else’s content without providing the well-deserved credits to the author- is considered cheating. Many institutes have strict laws made for this. The papers get cancelled, and the students get expulsed for this behaviour. The degrees of strictness vary. 


Not just students, but also the people who write professionally, are on the higher risk of losing more than only the grades if they plagiarise. Their entire career, the reputation, is harmed.


Although, grammar checker works the best when one wants to know their grammatical errors. When it comes to writing professionally, overlooking grammatical errors is something that one can’t do. The entire essay can go from looking professional to amateur just because of the grammar alone. There are multiple tools out there that make our working life a little easier; the user should also note that unethically using these tools can cause more harm than required. For example, using paraphrasing tool to make someone else’s work pass as yours, is an unethical example of using the paraphrasing tool. 


1: Plagiarism checker works by identifying the similar texts available on the web and compares them to the file or text submitted. 


2: It then shows the similar texts found in one’s work that are available elsewhere on the web too. 


3: Plagiarism checker analyses works of other authors to verify the content that is submitted and checks how much of the work is taken from others. It then generates a report to show if the work has been appropriately cited or not, and how much of the work is produced by one’s idea. 


4: Grammar checker is a program that checks all the grammatical errors in the text or file that is submitted. It works by highlighting the text that has a grammatical error in it. It also provides with suggestions of the words and punctuation marks that one can use instead. 


5: When there is a time limit, and one does not have the chance of going over their reports to check errors, grammar checker comes handy and makes it convenient for the user to find out all the mistakes in a short amount of time. 


Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker, do they work?

Both these tools are used to enhance the quality of the work that one is submitting. With plagiarism checker, one can easily find out the content that is not appropriately cited or is stolen from other authors. Grammar checker, on the other hand, finds out all the grammatical errors present in a report. 


It is essential to use both these tools as they are easy to use and understand- making it convenient for the user to find out their mistakes in a short time. With the time constraints on academic writers or students, it becomes hard to keep track of all the errors in a document. 


Every student faces the crisis of submitting a plagiarism-free essay or assignment. How can one take content from the internet to support their arguments without it coming under the plagiarism check?


Here, the paraphrase tool comes in to help! One might wonder what a paraphrase tool is and how it functions. Here’s how it works!


A paraphrase tool helps the students to save time by paraphrasing the entire sentences. That way, the student won’t have to spend time finding synonyms before running it through a plagiarism checker tool—the paraphrase tool functions in an easy-to-understand manner. The contents copied are pasted in a box, and after waiting for a few minutes, the paraphrased sentence will show up. That makes it easier for the student to not stress over deadlines and also, they’re able to get rid of any plagiarism effortlessly. 


No person in this world hasn’t faced difficulties while submitting essays or articles. It isn’t easy to find similar words; in other cases, the words don’t flow as effortlessly as possible. All of these blocks become a reason to stress when the deadline approaches. Frequently, people get stuck in their paper’s initial parts as they don’t understand how to start it. In such cases, the paraphrase tool works incredibly to give you a little push to begin your writing process. Sometimes we know what to write, but to present it eloquently is a task that not everyone can complete. 


For example, if one already has a bit of a text that they want to rewrite; paraphrase tool helps find the appropriate synonyms and rewrite the text better. It also allows one to make a good impression in the professional or academic line of work, or even if they want to create content for their blogs or websites, paraphrase tool works as a gift!


Helps in saving time and effort


Paraphrasing tool is similar to a thesaurus- but better. Sometimes it is hard to find new ways to say the identical thing every day, especially if it is a professional or academic setting. People often struggle with brainstorming better ways to put their words out for others to read elegantly. The paraphrase tool here comes to help, as it efficiently paraphrases the content and replaces repeated words with their appropriate synonyms. It takes ages to look up synonyms whereas paraphrase tool gets the job done in just a few seconds. It helps you to use the saved time efficiently. 


Free and easy to use


Paraphrase tools that are available online are free to use and are easy to understand. One has to copy the text from elsewhere and paste in the box given. In a matter of a few seconds, the new text becomes available for the student to use. 


How to use citations?


There are multiple ways to cite a paper, and different universities require different formats. MLA, or Modern Language Association Citing is used in literature, psychology, sociology as well as linguistics. MLA citing is considered to be the easiest formats out of the rest. Bibliography in this format is the easiest as well. However, every student has struggled with this format before, no matter how bright they have been.


A general format guide of MLA has been given below:


1: The paper should be typed, not hand written.


2: Title page is not required in MLA unless it’s specifically asked for.


3: Arial and Times New Roman are the acceptable formats. The text should be double spaced.


4: The font size should be 12.


5: Margins should only be of 1 inch on all sides, and only one space should be left after using any punctuation marks unless it is specified in other way.


6: The header must have the number of all pages on the upper right-hand side, unless told otherwise.


7: The header on the upper right hand should include your last name with a space and page number in the end.


8: Use italics to show titles of longer sources, or if one needs to specify or put emphasis on a certain statement.


9: Title of the page should be in the centre.


10: If there are footnotes or endnotes, they should be included in a separate page. This section can remain unformatted and titled as “Notes”.


What is a research paper outline?


It is easier to write a research paper when one has all the important components listed down. Research paper outline is nothing but simply a way to organise your thoughts and work into a simple format, so that the research paper can be easy to work with. It is convenient to stay focused while expanding the points with a research paper outline. Students usually face a lot of stress while writing papers, but once a general outline of how the paper will flow is made, it gets easier for the students to stay focused and stress free.


Research paper outline is a plan for the upcoming research. It includes the following parts:


1: Title


2: Topic/Statement


3: Important points that support your thesis/statement/topic


4: Supporting researches for all the points.


5: Conclusion


Most of the important components of a research paper always get included in the research paper outline, which makes it easier for the student to stay focused on the task, and it is easier to move forward into the paper with this method. Each point is then explained thoroughly and all the supporting researches are included in the hypothesis, which makes the paper more reliable and academically brilliant.


How to write a research paper.


Research paper writing becomes easier with an outline, here we are going to explain citation with MLA citation format.


The research paper outline consists of the following sections:


1: Abstract


2: Introduction


3: Body


  1. Literature review
  2. Research Methods
  3. Analysis
  4. Results
  5. Perspective


4: Conclusion


5: Bibliography


An abstract is a brief summary of the paper. It shows the basic information about the topic, the research done, the methods used. It gives the reader an insight about the topic, the subjects, methodology used, in the briefest way ever. The summary is not more than 150-200 words.


The introduction part is the most important section of the paper as it gives the reader an idea about what the research is about. It makes the reader curious about the content. Here, the students explain some major points, general information related to the thesis. The introduction can range anywhere from 600-900 words but not limited to. The aim of the research comes in the introduction.


The body of the essay comprises of multiple headings and subheadings, explaining the entire process of the research as thoroughly as it can. Here, all the researches are listed to support your hypothesis and make the research paper more credible.


In this section of the paper, it is to be made sure that review of literature is included so that the reader knows where you got your supporting argument from.


Analysis, or data analysis is a section where your results and other variables are presented. Present your results in a precise manner and let your audience know if the results bring a change in your topic or support the hypothesis that you suggested. Make sure that in this section one also notes down the setbacks they had to face during the research work.


The end part of the paper is the conclusion where the student lets the reader know about the whole work at a glance. The conclusion talks about the result that was found and the insights that the results give. Here, the thesis statement is mentioned again. Sometimes a conclusion can also be a means to a whole new research!


Example of Template of MLA Citing


While making a research paper outline, it is always the best to outline it already in the format it is required. The name of the student, professor, course, and date are noted on the first page. The header should have your last name and number in the upper right corner. Italics are used when highlighting important points of the thesis, or writing a heading/subheading.


To have a good research paper, especially when one is doing MLA citing, it is necessary that the references are formatted in the required citation type. MLA format does not require a title page, only include it if the professor specifically asks for it.


Last but not the least, it is very important for the student to go through the guidelines a few times before submitting the paper. Re-checking and editing are very important parts of the paper as grammatical errors or formatting errors can make or break your paper. Therefore, always ensure to go through the paper a few more times before submitting.

What is an alphabetizer and how can it help you?

An alphabetizer lets you organize anything you write in alphabetical order, that is, as its name suggests, alphabetizers allow you to alphabetize your text. Therefore, it is recommended that you use alphabetizers for easily reorganizing your text. An alphabetizer will serve the following functions for you:


  1. Arrange anything including words, numbers and text in alphabetical order.

2. It removes html links

3. It removes reverse orders


It is extremely easy to use. You can customise how you want to alphabetize your list in ordinary ABC orders or in ASCII or in reverse order. You may also choose the input and output formats. Input format – here you can choose a separator for items which are expected to be sorted. It could be space, line-break semicolon, custom separator and even simple comma. Output format – such as line break, comma, semi-colon, space or any custom symbol to separate.


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