The advantages and disadvantages of conceptual marketing are described smoothly in one blog!

What is a conceptual framework?


The conceptual framework is a logical structure of interrelated principles and goals used in accounting information and budgeting. This framework, which is largely used in financial reporting, is responsible for ensuring uniformity in accounting principles and lays out its scopes and limits. A conceptual framework is a common method that may be used to resolve conflicts. It aids in establishing the criterion for developing appropriate procedures for organizing and displaying financial data.


What should a conceptual framework consist of?


A conceptual framework depicts what you anticipate to discover as a result of your study. It outlines the variables that are significant to your study and shows how they may be related to one another. Before you help collect evidence, you need to create a conceptual framework. It is frequently depicted visually.


Advantages of conceptual framework:


  • The framework serves as a baseline against which numerous core and specialized accounting procedures may be objectively assessed.
  • The auditing framework provides all of the fundamentals of reason and goals.
  • It also enables the formation of judgments through a consistent method. These decisions concern appropriate accounting practice and various processes that underpin income reports.
  • The use of a conceptual framework improves the dependability of business operations.


The advantages and disadvantages of conceptual marketing are described smoothly in one blog
The advantages and disadvantages of conceptual marketing are described smoothly in one blog

Disadvantages of conceptual framework:


  • The stiffness that has entered into financial reporting activities as a result of the application’s adoption is the second fundamental flaw. This makes it hard to introduce innovative thoughts into the environment. Theoretical accounting is associated with a high degree of rigidity. Some aspects of the theoretical model cannot provide much assistance to accounting. The design of the conceptual framework is rigid, finding it is challenging to incorporate new ideas.


  • Another disadvantage of sticking to this approach is the likelihood of conflict between the paradigm and the reporting requirements in use impact the adoption of the conceptual framework. A disagreement may arise as a result of a shift in focus.Financial Accounting Theory Craig Deegan - ppt download


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