This is how essays are written!

We always feel short of words when given a specific topic to write. Our mind goes blank for a second. We will face many pressures such as assignments submission, deadlines, short of topics, unknown formats and many more. In today’s world, everyone is busy dealing with their issues. It would be best if you have a clear and creative mind to start things from scratch.


Even the easiest task looks like a huge burden on one’s shoulder if you are not trained enough. Sometimes people feel exhausted and drained doing the same tasks every day. Their creativity reaches to the null point if they are assigned the same projects and meeting the same deadlines. In order to make their work a little exciting, they should try including some elements which add more meaning to their work and also increase their productivity.


The first towards writing the best essay is choosing the type of sentences. Words form sentences and sentences give life to the complete essay. If you write the correct sentence, then the correct context is delivered to the reader. Therefore the type of sentences plays a significant role in writing an essay.

Many people find difficulty in deciding the number of pages should be written to make the essay look professional. For example, many people ask, how many pages is 500 words essay? Or how many pages is a 1000 word essay? Generally, the word count doesn’t matter if the content and formatting part is done correctly.

How many pages are 500 words?

The answer to this popular question would be the right topic and the usage of the right sentences. Many people face challenges in choosing the topic. The topic chosen should be both attractive and informative. Then the next step comes in deciding the presentation of the topic. This includes the type of sentences and in how many pages the content should be explained clearly.

Major points to remember while writing:

  1. Plagiarism free:

Plagiarism free content is given high priority. It creates a positive impression on the reader. Type of sentences and how many pages are written also taken under consideration while detecting plagiarism error.

  • Format and style:

Formatting and style also play a key role while making an impression on the author. Proper fonts, colours, margins, spacing, alignments, etc. should be taken into consideration while writing an essay. The answer to how many pages a 500-word essay should be, depends on the style and format you choose.

  • References:

Research about the topic you chose before writing it. A good essay always needs good research work. Take references from trusted online websites.


At times, while writing, we face many obstacles in choosing the right content or maybe delivering the right message to the readers. Sometimes you will be in no mood to proofread the content and edit the content many times, or you will be running late for assignment submission, in these situations you can take expert writing help from online.

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